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Church of the Holy Political Elite

No surprise at all: as election day approaches, yet another column about presidential candidate preference comes out. Surprised: It’s an open argument that Mitt Romney’s religion disqualifies him — from a film/visual FX company CEO out of Utah, Nate Nebeker. … Continue reading

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Pre-blogging the final presidential "debate"

Tonight’s presidential debate, as you may have heard, will be focused on foreign policy. Since my precognition powers are quite active when it comes to this subject, in order to provide you with a convenience here is what will happen: … Continue reading

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Beyond Vulgar

I’m going to just throw some things out here, statements which should be rather obvious in my view. Then, I’ll follow with why I bother to state them again… First off, I am skeptical (to say the least) of the … Continue reading

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Diplomacy and/or weaponry

Since the debates are about spectacle rather than actual discussion, and the only candidates invited to them aren’t separated by much, especially on foreign policy, there are inevitably a lot of things that slip through the cracks. Even though the … Continue reading

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I sacrifice for you…

Basically because I was super bored, I took the initiative in live-tweeting the 2012 Vice-presidential debate. I share, verbatim, what I had to say for those of you who don’t tweet. A warning: heard of “drunk-blogging”? This is drunk-tweeting. What … Continue reading

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