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"You're either with us or against us. Unless you're both."

Regarding the latest Wikileaks release, a Republican congressman said this: New York Rep. Peter King, ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, urged Attorney General Eric Holder to prosecute Assange and urged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to designate … Continue reading

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Whose hands?

A conversation, in a nutshell: U.S. State Dept. to Wikileaks: “Releasing those documents will put people’s lives at risk!” Julian Assange: “Mkay, who? We’ve asked before about this.” State Dept.: “…shut up, that’s who!” I’m noticing a pattern here.  Something … Continue reading

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Big Beer calls for Big Beats

I don’t have the digital cam today, so no action shot, but this is what I’m drinking: Music choice tonight is all chopped&screwed.  At the moment it’s the Swishahouse remix of Big Krit’s “Krit Wuz Here”.  You can download it … Continue reading

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That won't fly either…

Kevin Drum, after basically chalking up 90% of anger over TSA tactics to the partisanship boogieman, says this: But what about our civil liberties? Maybe you think that even if TSA’s procedures are slightly useful, they aren’t useful enough to … Continue reading

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Slipping it past security

Earlier today, George Will somehow worked William Buckley (?) into a critique of the TSA.  He even praised John Tyner — the “don’t touch my junk” guy.  Now, criticism of the TSA has been pretty broad, but I never expected … Continue reading

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The (still) Irrational Voter

The public has spoken? “We really need to deal with this damn deficit!  But without cutting spending on anything that would make a dent!  And without raising taxes!  Or even touching deductions!” In other words, use magic.  Maybe Chris Angel … Continue reading

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Daddy Knows Best

Nice to know absolutely nothing else is going on: The White House on Wednesday threw its support behind a ban on beverages that infuse alcohol and caffeine. Drug czar Gil Kerlikowske said he welcomed a ruling by the Food and Drug … Continue reading

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