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Great moments in historical omission

At BJ again, Freddie de Boer responds to Conor Friedersdorf criticizing the USPS.  As is seen by Conor’s argument on this being such a typical political cliche while civil liberties and questioning war are still largely considered Librul Hippie Crap, … Continue reading

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Stomp the Hypothetical

Among those caught up in the early “War on Terror” dragnet was a U.S. born Muslim named Abdullah al-Kidd.  Arrested in 2003 on his way to a flight to Saudi Arabia, he was claimed to be a material witness in … Continue reading

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Acceptable Replacement

TPM got a cease and desist letter from the New York Stock Exchange, claiming that pictures of the exchange floor are copyrighted.  This means that, according to IP law, you would need their permission to use such a picture in … Continue reading

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Productivity update

Finally finished one after tons of false starts: You figure it out by b psycho Kind of a bouncy/jittery feel, yet with more filth than usual for that type of beat.

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The Black Ops Economy

You’ll just have to hear me out on this one… Lately, I was thinking of a very easy to relate to description of how modern political economy — that is, capitalism, as maintained by statism — works.   After a … Continue reading

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A large assumption with extra cheese

A line from the latest presidential race entry news: Cain supports a strong national defense, opposes abortion, backs replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax and favors a return to the gold standard. [emphasis mine] This phrase … Continue reading

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"Sing Louder!"

Shorter Freddie deBoer, apparently a part-time Balloon Juicer now: “Without public government schools, kids wouldn’t, like, learn how to get along an’ shit”. Freddie’s 1343 words particularly aim at the conservative school voucher (read: roundabout tax dollar funnel to bible-thumpery … Continue reading

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