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"Wiggle Room" (the lack thereof)

The “Super Committee” doing what political committees generally do (that is, waste time) has provided opportunity for yet more claims of toughness on the part of the anointed Serious People on the U.S. government’s budget.  Latest example: on one side … Continue reading

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The ever-expanding definition of chaos

Adding to the “articles that reveal more about the author than the subject” pile this round is Matt Continetti of the Weekly Standard, making a lame “analysis” of the OWS movement that contradicts itself multiple times.  He starts off with … Continue reading

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Aiding and abetting

Egypt, for years, had been run by a typical “strongman” with a dim view of political disagreement. Eventually, people got fed up & protested, wanting Mubarak to relinquish power. Good: Mubarak eventually did step down. Bad: the military took over, … Continue reading

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"leave the park, take the public"

On a few cross-currents re: OWS and where to go now: -It sounds like some people are missing the point of the occupations and the parks by conflating the park as the point.  The criticism of a rigged system, and … Continue reading

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Logical Conclusion: reached!

Keep conflating state-capitalism — with its barriers to entry, nonsensical IP law, continuous politically-motivated and self-serving intervention, subsidies, and labor held cheap by force — with an actual spontaneous market order, and eventually you get self-described anti-socialist, “limited government” conservatives … Continue reading

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"So…how much do you love tomatoes?"

It’s settled into a pattern by now: State contains significant amount of migrant laborers, many involved in strenuous food crop operations that don’t pay much State legislature passes flamboyantly anti-immigrant law Immigrants vanish, leaving said low-wage strenuous positions open for … Continue reading

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Meta. Sweet, delicious meta…

After reading an article about the latest official response to that “we the people” crap — this one about aliens — I clicked back over to the site to see what was in the tank next.  I damn near fell … Continue reading

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