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Mr. Magoo, Immigration Agent

Found this amusing.  All emphasis mine: The U.S. government admitted in April that it had wrongly deported a North Carolina native, but newly released documents show that federal investigators ignored FBI records and other evidence showing that the man was … Continue reading

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Stray thoughts re: insurance

I’ve had the following bouncing around in my head for a bit, figured I’d let it out and see what response it got… It’s happened throughout human history: sometimes people have unexpected problems come up. Sure, if an individual has … Continue reading

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Josh Marshall, earlier today: I’ve been poking around. And I’ve heard of several major national corporations planning to dramatically scale back the health care coverage they offer employees starting this fall. I wonder why…

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Somehow I doubt it

Flipping through channels, stopped on ESPN2 & heard the following before commercial: “There could be rallies for AND against Michael Vick outside of the next Eagles game.  Does race play a factor?” I dunno.  Maybe ask this guy about it…

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Word of the Day

Coprophilia cop·ro·phil·i·a N. An abnormal, often obsessive interest in excrement, especially the use of feces for sexual excitement. Example: A CIA inspector general report released Monday in a less-redacted version reveals that “prolonged diapering” was on the agency’s list of … Continue reading

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"Liquidity now, liquidity tommorow, liquidity forever!!"

Q: When can you take a position, do so terrible at it that you end up fulfilling the exact opposite of the alleged goal your job is supposed to have, prompting people who previously didn’t even think about it to … Continue reading

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Short Answers to Serious Questions

@Mike G re: this, in the order listed: This is, at least to me, more open ended than it sounds.  What definition of “private property” (or even “impossible”) are we working with here?  I personally believe that property in land … Continue reading

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