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Obedience at any cost

Via Gizmodo, we have yet another example of just how much that shiny badge goes to ones head.  The headline just about says everything: Police sodomize man with Taser There’s audio at the site too.  From the sounds of it, … Continue reading

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Brew? Ha-ha!

I was going to point out the shitty taste in beer displayed at the much yakked about meeting at the White House, but Tom Knapp beat me to it, and I largely agree.  Only point of divergence I have is … Continue reading

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Where's mine?

Obama, literally a moment ago: “I know it didn’t seem fair to bailout the banks, but it headed off a depression.  Besides, we’re being paid back plus interest!” Um…no.  The government is getting money back, not the people they got … Continue reading

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Nothing in particular

Sign of aging: you dig out albums you thought were classics when they first came out, only to play them and now decide that they suck. I just did that.  Planned on ripping some CDs, ended up questioning the idea … Continue reading

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Could've fooled me…

Digby, while talking about the recent arrest of Henry Louis Gates & its larger implications: Now, on a practical, day to day level, it’s hard to argue that being argumentative with a cop isn’t* a dangerous thing. They have guns. … Continue reading

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"…didn't have a straw to blow, so I had to use the Euro"

Ryan Grimm, author of “This is your country on drugs”, in reference to John Walters crowing about an increase in the price of cocaine (all emphasis mine): It’s far from clear what caused the brief price hike in 2007. Walters … Continue reading

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Stay classy, Canada…

Recently, the Motorhome Diaries crew planned on crossing the imaginary line between what are known as “Vermont” and “Quebec”.  Some agents of the Canadian government, having found out about the ridiculous “Respect my authoritah!” moment in Mississippi they were subjected … Continue reading

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