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Almost REALLY doesn't count…

My modest proposal last year, re: General Motors: I say the following not as a serious recommendation, as 1) it would be a compromise of principle since it allows for state involvement, though one that would work differently than the … Continue reading

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Yeah, I'm a dork

I knew that dude in the Wolverine trailers w/ the swords was Deadpool before he said anything.

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Strategery Lives!

Bored out of my skull, did my usual surfing and ran across this.  Here’s a summary: ======================== Specter: “I don’t think 30 years is long enough in congress.  Maybe with some luck I’ll last ’till 100, then keel over during … Continue reading

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Semi-random thought

Watching TV earlier, saw that Heinekin ad they’ve been showing with the people singing along to the radio in the taxi.  Thought to myself “Man, it would’ve been ironic as hell if they had used that song without clearance & … Continue reading

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A teaching contradiction?

While we’re on the subject of reactions to the torture memo, here’s another one the Washington Post saw as sane: Americans should be clear on what Obama has done. In a breathtaking display of self-righteousness and intellectual arrogance, the president … Continue reading

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Up is Down, Love is Hate, Dirt is Air

Reminder #12312978 of the bankruptcy of politics: people that write garbage like this aren’t laughed into obscurity…: If ever there were a time for President Obama to trust his instincts and stick to his guns, that time is now, when … Continue reading

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So much smarter, yet still so stupid

Back in high school, random idle chitchat at one time that got into interracial adoption prompted a running joke with my friends that one day I’d adopt a little white boy & change his name to something like Malik or … Continue reading

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