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“We’ll have a 6 piece extra crispy & a side of statism”

Score one for the busybodies: KFC Corp. said Monday it will start using zero trans fat soybean oil for its Original Recipe and Extra Crispy fried chicken, Potato Wedges and other menu items. The news preceded the Board of Health’s … Continue reading

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The corruption of “values”

Text on a political campaign sign I passed by while walking in my neighborhood: VOTE traditional values…or LOSE them! This is yet another reminder of how spineless folks are these days.  Enough people apparently believe that their way of … Continue reading

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“Now with Double the PANIC!”

Wondering about Iran lately? In an expected move nonetheless seen as a political signal to Washington, Iran said it stepped up its uranium enrichment program Friday, even as a divided UN Security Council became bogged down over a European draft … Continue reading

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No growth without roots…

As you know, recently I’ve been looking at comments on libertarianism by statist-progressives. My reaction to the ones missing the point has largely hovered between taking offense & WTF-are-they-smoking giggles. This one I spotted is different though: It’s actually quite … Continue reading

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More = less, up = down, etc…

Fun with deliberate contradiction: U.S. officials in Iraq said Tuesday that government leaders there have agreed to develop a timeline by the end of the year for progress in stabilizing Iraq and reducing violence that has killed 300 Iraqi troops … Continue reading

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Modern liberalism & the “right” to boss around your neighbor

Another entry in what looks to be an ongoing “how statist-progressives think” series, this one from a comment by Fran on the Anonymous Liberal blog: To me, a Libertarian philosophy is very enlightened, until it confronts reality. Example: Libertarians oppose … Continue reading

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Panic & T-shirts: an update

Me, a couple months ago in response to Raed getting hassled at an airport for having “we will not be silent” on his shirt in arabic: I wouldn’t be surprised if there already were T-shirts that said “I am a … Continue reading

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