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Let's get worse!

Psst…the most reasonable way to respond to legislation that assumes guilt among an ethnic group is not to trump it with legislation that assumes guilt of everybody: A plan by Senate Democratic leaders to reform the nation’s immigration laws ran … Continue reading

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(Insert "O Rly?" Owl here)

George Will, in the process of arguing that Arizona’s new Juan Crow law is no big deal because blahblahlibrulsblah: Probably 30 percent of Arizona’s residents are Hispanic. Arizona police officers, like officers everywhere, have enough to do without being required … Continue reading

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"I'll take 'Stirring the Pot' for $800, Alex…"

“‘Massacre at the Capital!’ Military forces put down attempted insurrection in D.C.” *BZZZZZ* “What is the next day’s newspaper front page headline after a group of black political activists emulate Tea Party tactics?” “That’s right!  You maintain control…”

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Bryan Caplan, on cloning himself: I confess that I take anti-cloning arguments personally. Not only do they insult the identical twin sons I already have; they insult a son I hope I live to meet. Yes, I wish to clone … Continue reading

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They should know better than to provoke…

Crap, I missed that one: A U.S. Muslim group has issued a dire Internet “warning” to creators of the satirical animated TV show “South Park” over a depiction of the Prophet Muhammad in a bear outfit. “We have to warn … Continue reading

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On Self-Ownership

Short take: John Holbo needs to meet more reasonable libertarians.  Now to elaborate on that… He’s expanding on the previous discussion into libertarian views on self-ownership — or, at least, the views on such he’s encountered from self-identified libertarians.  As … Continue reading

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"How'd you fit that ivory tower in your mouth?"

I’m not particularly a fan of the chicken sandwich as it is.  But the amount of rage about KFC’s bacon-cheese-and-mayo-in-fried-chicken thingy as demonstrated here is hella annoying. Look, when it comes to the part about factory farmed food, I understand.  … Continue reading

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