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Server move. Again.

This site will be switching servers soon. Also, I am moving.  Will let you know when I’m back on.  Check out the blogroll. Advertisements

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Initials just don’t cut it

Um…er…What the fuck? John Stewart is at home kicking himself right now.  Terrible timing for a break.

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They can’t even count without doing a face-plant

Your tax dollars at work: Big worries for the nation’s first high-tech census should have been obvious when tests showed some of the door-to-door headcounters couldn’t figure out their fancy new handheld computers. Now, officials say, technology problems could add … Continue reading

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“Now with 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Frivilous Lawsuit per serving!”

Not surprised: Someone is being sued under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act for helping people print excess coupons from online discount sites. Surprised: “…people still use paper coupons?”

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“Chopper City” is getting kinda crowded…

Blahblahtypical”ooh, scary guns!“storyblah: The cake had been served and the children were jumping up and down in a big, inflatable castle when the birthday party turned to bedlam. Clarence McGraw’s jaw dropped as he saw the visitors coming, guns drawn. … Continue reading

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So I’m normal on one thing, I guess…

Ron Bailey wants to know if anyone else is as rah-rah about transhumanism as he is, and posted a helpful quiz about it. I took it & got the following result: You Score as a Bio-Conservative Bioconservatives are generally hesitant … Continue reading

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Racial litmus test time

Memo to “old punk”: There is a word for people who you consider to be assholes that just happen to be black other than the N-word. It is “assholes”. Blaming blacks as a group for random characters that many blacks … Continue reading

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