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Fairness for now

In a past post, I had stated a reminder that “marriage” involving a government license was not always the case, and that the anti-state view on this is (naturally) that politics have no business being involved in sanctioning or rejecting … Continue reading

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The UN made me do it

A highly familiar statement within anti-state philosophical circles is that “illegal” is not synonymous with “wrong”.  That is, codification by the State that if you do activity A they claim the right to send men with guns your general direction … Continue reading

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He cried "More! More War!"

John McCain has a vastly different definition of “isolationism” than most: Republican Senator John McCain, his party’s 2008 presidential nominee, ripped into the current crop of Republican White House contenders, accusing them of breaking party tradition by preaching “isolationism.” He … Continue reading

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I called it

Me, a month ago, when catching up with latest news: The head of the IMF got arrested on sexual assault charges.  “Officers, what are you doing!  I have diplomati– oh, wait, no I don’t.  Shit…” Latest revelation about that arrest: … Continue reading

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Big Beer calls for Big Beats

Drinking this, a rather well-named IPA: Music at the moment is Noisia’s “Split the Atom”.  They branched out on this one, to the point where the opening track slingshots back and forth between drum’n’bass and an oddly melodic neo-Big-Beat type … Continue reading

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What supporters of Bradley Manning are being asked in front of a federal grand jury: “are you, or have you ever been, a Communist Wikileaks employee?”  Obvious assumption being, if you back Manning, you must be in Julian Assange’s pocket. … Continue reading

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Economic Growth Hormones

Since it’s come up as a topic lately, here’s my two cents: -Drastic, sustained growth over several years like Pawlenty was talking about as an “aspiration” is generally associated with rapid industrialization in poorer countries.  The U.S. is well past … Continue reading

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