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False-Flagging fogs over Futility

The latest occurrence of a still common conversation: Jason Kuznicki: “Libertarianism properly understood doesn’t mesh with wealthy class interests.  Far from it.” John Cole: “Eh, shut up Republican!” The first link has comments at least addressing and arguing the point.  … Continue reading

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"If you're my friend, then why do you have a gun in my face?"

I happened across moments ago on another blog a philosophical defense of global hegemony in general, and the U.S. as the hegemon in particular.  Naturally, I replied in opposition.  Try to guess where.

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Don't think of a birth certificate

When I first heard about Obama releasing his much-screamed about “long form” birth certificate — leaving completely out the fact that the document previously released was legitimate for official use & was exactly what the average person born in Hawaii … Continue reading

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"Don't forget to bring a shovel!"

Among the things now revealed about the Guantanamo Bay military prison: Over 150 people held there for several years were innocent, simply caught in a dragnet. Wearing a cheap Casio watch?  Bomb-maker! Chinese, Russian & Saudi interrogators were brought in, … Continue reading

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Crank That Central Bank

No, Soulja Boy didn’t come up with yet another stupid dance.  I refer to Kevin Carson describing in higher detail the point I’d previously come to concerning monetary policy — in short, that money can be (indeed, is) tight for … Continue reading

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Technological advances in Spam-a-lot

To anyone else out there also blogging with comments: is it just me, or have spambots been getting more sophisticated lately?  I’ve been getting posts with entire long paragraphs, some even superficially related to the subject (I know they’re spam … Continue reading

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Pull here to dispense gas

Pandering season seems to start earlier and earlier all the time: President Barack Obama said Thursday that the Justice Department will try to “root out” cases of fraud or manipulation in oil markets, even as Attorney General Eric Holder suggested … Continue reading

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