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History repeats itself

So according to the NYT & multiple sources, Hamid Karzai’s brother the accused opium trafficker is on the C.I.A.’s payroll.  Gee, no wonder Karzai needs fraud to stay in office & U.S. mercenaries to stay breathing… Advertisements

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Rejection vs "strategic" complacency

Somewhat in reference to this, I will ramble: To be blunt, I’m personally not a believer in the idea that things have to suck as painfully as possible before improvement can come.  This informs how I approach politics: you may … Continue reading

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Distinction Fail

Get and maintain wealth by using your high-level business connections to game the system?  Possible criminal: By all appearances, Raj Rajaratnam was a self-made billionaire, having built Galleon Group into a giant hedge fund with a specialty in technology companies. … Continue reading

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A stupid question & a smart recommendation

The question: anyone that either lives abroad or has lived abroad or has been abroad or whatever, can you get Mexican food in places other than Mexico?  By this I mean if places exist where you are/have been that are … Continue reading

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Not Amused

Yes, I realized that the previous post was #1000… What say we try a bit of a thought experiment to start the next 1000, eh?  Since the last post dealt with the Nobel Prizes kind of, take the following (all … Continue reading

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It's their world, we just live here

Heh…either somebody hasn’t been paying attention since the inauguration, or there’s a loophole in evaluation that allows for sabre-rattling & threatening war while still qualifying.  Eh, who am I kidding, of course there’s a loophole.

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For Want of Order

A common bit of snark that bubbles up among the political blogosphere is to respond to state skeptics by saying “well look at Somalia”.  This completely ignores the reason why Somalia doesn’t have a central government, among other things, but … Continue reading

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