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A.L.I.O.C.* 2: The Fizzle

After extensive wrangling in congress shaping the Heritage Foundat– I mean, Mitt Romn– dammit, Obama’s health care “reform” act, including contrary to portrayals by Dem loyalists side deals with the same interests that the legislation was allegedly supposed to restrain … Continue reading

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Does Not Equal

As the Inequality Symposium continues on League of Ordinary Gentlemen, guest poster Snarky McSnarksnark puts forth some philosophical questions on society and inequality. I provide them here for everyone with my responses: What is the purpose of a society? Biologically, … Continue reading

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Summing up Operation Zero Sum

Encouraged to submit a post for League of Ordinary Gentlemen’s Inequality Symposium, I figured I’d describe for an unfamiliar audience some of the themes I’ve touched on here about how capitalism as we know it has jack squat to do … Continue reading

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"One of these things…"

At the time of the controversy in Wisconsin that led to the recent recall election, there appeared to be shoots of more radical stirrings between the cracks in response. That the anger led to that recall election, effectively a short-turnaround … Continue reading

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"You holdin'?"

It can be said, in one respect, that the great capitalist crackup that led to current economic conditions was ironically triggered by deliberate lack of capital: high finance leveraged themselves stupid on ever-increasingly surreal bets, then didn’t have the funds … Continue reading

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