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Some bits

-Some cop in Denver was pulled over drunk driving at almost triple the speed limit, sentenced to jail & community service, then subsequently fired.  The civil service commission there just ruled he can get his job back. I want to … Continue reading

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Kansas City – Day three

Was up pretty late last night, so got a late start to today, though that worked out fine because I still managed to reach the Negro Leagues Museum before traffic got bad.  They don’t allow photos inside, so no proof … Continue reading

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Kansas City – Day Two

One thing I’ve observed on this trip that surprised me is the concentration of BBQ restaurants: most of them seem to be clustered at the west end of the city, some even on the Kansas side of the state line. … Continue reading

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Kansas City – Day one

As a birthday treat to myself this year, I decided to take my car solo on its first long-distance trip.  Considering last year’s trip to a BBQ Mecca in Memphis, going the 120 miles to KC was a no brainer. … Continue reading

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Say you want an evolution…

Some people have very, very low expectations.  For example, the following is being cheered: President Obama today announced that he now supports same-sex marriage, reversing his longstanding opposition amid growing pressure from the Democratic base and even his own vice … Continue reading

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An Idiotic Force meets a Cretinous Object

Despite several failed tests, & recent history showing that missiles are really irrelevant as a 1st world security risk compared to, say, the angry relatives & neighbors of people who those countries fire their missiles at, U.S. construction of an … Continue reading

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