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Chasing the rabbit

Remember M3?  It’s a measure of the money supply, one that in the case of the US hasn’t been published by the Federal Reserve since 2006.  Fortunately, the components of it can be, and has been, pieced back together by … Continue reading

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Dolchstoßlegende and basketball

I see the speculation of the moment is Lebron James ending up in Chicago.  Two reasons why this is not going to happen: 1) Money.  The Cavs can pay Lebron the best if that’s what he’s concerned about, fact.  As … Continue reading

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Mobb Deepwater

That oil rig disaster just gets more interesting by the minute: According to two surviving crew members of the Deepwater Horizon, oil workers from the rig were held in seclusion on the open water for up to two days after … Continue reading

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Why libertarianism gets such a terrible rep, part N

On one hand, we have an acknowledgment and criticism of regulatory capture.  On the other, we have someone calling token criticism of a business that engages in it (a foreign owned one, at that) “UnAmerican”.  Which one is closer to … Continue reading

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Disimular el verdadero problema

Considering that the overwhelming bulk of the product all that blood in Mexico is being shed over is destined for the other side of La línea imaginaria que, and they’ve even stopped locking up casual users, it’s reasonable to expect … Continue reading

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"Alienating Kentucky" would make a sweet band name

Whatever anyone thinks about this, and with the obvious caveat that no, I do not support him, or any other politician, I just have this to say concerning the question at hand: To me, it has seemed like there’s an … Continue reading

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Logical Progression Fail

Paul Krugman, yesterday:  “Milton Friedman said tort law would handle product safety better than regulation.  Corporations have limited liability.  Attempts to increase liability (for example, on oil companies for environmental damage from spills) get blocked by corrupt politicians.  Ergo, libertarianism … Continue reading

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