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"If I hear ONE MORE TIME about that TPS report…"

Hell hath no fury like a programmer scorned? A logic bomb allegedly planted by a former engineer at mortgage finance company Fannie Mae last fall would have decimated all 4,000 servers at the company, causing millions of dollars in damage … Continue reading

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Someone didn't get the memo…

Flipping through channels, stopped on CNN for some reason just as Jessica Yellin said (in reference to Obama saying “no lobbyists!  Unless I want one!”), roughly, “everything from the tests your kids take at school to the price of corn … Continue reading

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Economic Gumbo

Some bits: –Robert Reich says there need to be stronger unions.  If he really meant that, then rather than advocate counter-balancing rules on top of the overwhelming anti-organizing ones he’d be calling for simply dismantling the ones that discoraged real … Continue reading

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Loose Strings: The conspiracy hits its final false note

LOL…: “Cello scrotum,” a nasty ailment allegedly suffered by musicians, does not exist and the condition was just a hoax, a senior British doctor has admitted. In a letter to prominent medical magazine, the British Medical Journal in 1974, Elaine … Continue reading

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If I see one more ad for something commemorating the inauguration, I’m going to go randomly bludgeoning people with my TV… Yeah, I’ve been kind of zoning out lately.

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Because I feel like saying it

Something else I don’t get: wall clocks that tick.  Why do people still cling to them?  The ticking is annoying as hell, I’d think once wall clocks could be made that didn’t tick that preferences would change.  I can’t even … Continue reading

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Smokin' Calculations

Watching “Marijuana Inc” at the moment (missed the original run earlier, basketball was on).  The reporter is talking to this dude that used to smuggle tons of pot through San Francisco Bay, and he’s mentioning how ridiculously effective & efficient … Continue reading

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