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Simple enough…

So the Supreme Court is taking up guns again: The Supreme Court set the stage for a historic ruling on gun rights and the 2nd Amendment by agreeing today to hear a challenge to Chicago’s ban on handguns. At issue … Continue reading

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"…and what planet did you say you were from?"

I popped back onto TPM briefly today & commented on the Senate Finance Committee’s public government-option amendment vote: Anyone else find it disgusting that the “public option” is the part considered controversial while the idea of forcing people to buy … Continue reading

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Deliberately Simple Statement

What people need isn’t credit, but MONEY.  There’s a difference.

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Well THAT'll teach her!

“Remember, never point your gun at anything you don’t intend to put a hole in“: An eastern Missouri man is dead after accidentally shooting himself while teaching firearms safety to his girlfriend.  KSDK-TV reports that 40-year-old James Looney of Imperial … Continue reading

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No one could've predicted…

In case anyone was wondering about the banks: Tired of the government bailing out banks? Get ready for this: officials may soon ask banks to bail out the government. Senior regulators say they are seriously considering a plan to have … Continue reading

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Threat neutralization Fail

Q: How does a wheelchair-bound man with no legs commit domestic violence & resist arrest? A: “Who cares, let’s zap him & beat him anyway!” said the cop…

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"A few people do everything!!"

Reading this bit by Cunning Realist re: the economy & the popularity of conspiracy theorists, I realized something that should be injected into the current debate somehow: the proper reverse of conspiracy — the idea that a relatively small group … Continue reading

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