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Some bits

–These people are crazy.  Period. –Somebody is gonna get fiiiiiiiiired… -In the “so what else is new?” department: Gov’t attempts to set aside contracts for disabled veterans, ends up handing yet more money to Boeing & GE instead. –Ross Douthat … Continue reading

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Not surprised: last night was gorgetastic! Also not surprised: The people that review movies, at least those I’ve seen, completely missed the point of “Ninja Assassin” (the next columnist to bitch about a lack of intricacy to the plot of … Continue reading

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In which I think differently

Earlier I was at the bookstore, checking out all the books I can’t afford.  Happened to pick up Superfreakonomics, out of curiosity towards a specific part of the book I heard about — Sudhir Venkatesh’s analysis of prostitution.  Found it … Continue reading

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How do you say "WTF did you expect?" in Arabic?

The U.S. economy sucks worse in some places than others.  Yet, that isn’t as bad as getting blown up.  As a result of that calculation, Iraqi refugees are coming here.  A lot of them had been settling directly in Michigan, … Continue reading

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SATSQ: Jeebus freak edition

@Jeff Goldberg, w/r/t Palin attempting to talk about Israel: The 2nd one.  If you need to ask anymore…

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It's dumber than that

Ross (as in Douthat, not Rick Ross), re: the new incoherence of the American right-wing: From Glenn Beck to the Tea Parties, much of the energy in the post-Bush G.O.P. is with people who have grasped, albeit sometimes in inchoate … Continue reading

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Good News/Bad News

Good news: Cory Maye, the Mississippi man who, as a result of the “War on Drugs”, ended up railroaded as a murderer over an obviously understandable mistake, will get a new trial. Bad news: Even so much as saying “dog” … Continue reading

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