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“Teh Gay” is beside the point

To be honest, I didn’t even know my former state had a gay marriage ban. Well, for now at least, it’s gone bye-bye: A Polk County judge has struck down Iowa’s law banning gay marriage. That means gay couples from … Continue reading

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Yet another example of the South sucking

Jena, Louisiana. Ever heard of it? Me neither. Anyway, this is what happened there: at a high school there, part of the campus outdoors was declared segregated by some students — specifically, the shade of a certain tree was declared … Continue reading

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8 things

Vache plays tag, and I’m it. For this one, that means the following: “People who are tagged need to write these rules in their own blogs & share eight things about themselves that others might not know. At the end … Continue reading

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Gettin’ medieval on your ass(umptions)

The award for “Best kicking of a horse that should already be dead” goes to *drumroll*…, for proving yet again that the right-wing view of family structure is built on sheer ignorance and not “tradition”, w/ the following: Civil unions … Continue reading

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Second-hand brain sludge

Jon Wilde: “Teachers are basically irrelevant, kids are innate self learners”. Sam Bagwhat: “You say that because you hang around a ton of self-learners.  It ain’t that easy“. Me: I think there’s a chicken-vs-egg thing underneath the surface here.  If … Continue reading

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You know better than that, Matt

Shorter Matthew Yglesias: “libertarians likee teh animal cruelty, yais yais”.  Grounds for this assumption would be _______? Sadly, there’s even worse in the comments.  Seriously, how does one make such a leap?  If libertarianism is automatically pro torturing animals for … Continue reading

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Good Riddance, but big whoop

Mr. Torture Memo, Mr. Who-Needs-a-Warrant, Mr. Partisanship Kicks Ass, Senor Shit on the Constitution.  By any name, he is Gone-zo: Alberto Gonzales, the nation’s first Hispanic attorney general, announced his resignation Monday, driven from office after a wrenching standoff with … Continue reading

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