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Fail, anyone?

In a previous post about U.S. bank failures, I expressed puzzlement at the quoted number of crapouts.  Thanks to Black Bloke, a convenient list has been brought to our attention.  Note that 10 so far have failed this year alone… … Continue reading

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I disagree with Cunning Realist on something

In the middle of CR’s reaction to Palin being McCain’s pick for veep, he says the following: Age is obviously a major factor here. Yes, Obama is also in his forties, only a few years older than Palin. How young … Continue reading

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A reminder not to take yourselves too seriously

Some brain-deflating material I was recently put up on:

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"This is that ignorant shit ya like…"

One “major” candidate has as his drill-into-your-skull buzzword “change”, then switches to agree with the capitulation the rest of his party likes.  The other adopts “maverick” as his zombie term, and flips to blend in more with the flock. One … Continue reading

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First, Do No Harm

Perfect timing: Roderick Long, on Art of the Possible, describes what’s REALLY wrong with US healthcare policy, and provides example of true anti-state methods of addressing it.  May this kind of discussion spread… Considering the purpose of the AOTP site, … Continue reading

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A PSA for the stoners out there

I know it smells good, but you might wanna put it out.  The incense, I mean: Burning incense may create a sweet scent, but regularly inhaling the smoke could put people at risk of cancers of the respiratory tract, researchers … Continue reading

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A steaming bowl of powerlessness

This recipe comes to us from Glenn Greenwald: ================================ Ingredients: millions of dollars in donations, spineless alleged representatives. Directions: Blatantly ignore laws against warrantless surveillance.  Apply donations to spineless representatives until immunity passes.  Allow time to simmer afterwards, then throw … Continue reading

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