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On Social Deniability

Recently the legislature of Indiana passed a bill known as the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”, which governor Mike Pence has signed. The content of the legislation by the most widely held understanding (by both supporters and its opposition) suggests a … Continue reading

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Have a seat, world…

You have some explaining to do, some things to answer: -Why, exactly, would Syrian rebels congratulate an unabashed anti-Arab racist & murderer for winning reelection in neighboring Israel? -re: CIA director John Brennan’s recent remarks about Iran “destabilizing” the middle … Continue reading

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In wich I rage about other things

Been deflating lately, busy thinking about my little life as opposed to your usual servings of righteous anarchist anger at the Big World. It’s been awhile since I last shared examples of how my mind works on non-political stuff here, … Continue reading

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