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Parting wisdom of the year

Chopped’n’screwed is perfect for when you are hammered: See you next year. Advertisements

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The Meaning of Gesture

In case anyone was wondering, I basically spent the last few days taking it easier than usual, and enjoying the company of relatives.  A fitting thing to do.  During that time, I came across this, an observation on Slate about … Continue reading

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Results May Vary

Andrew Ross Sorkin, regarding that cache of to-be-released bank documents Wikileaks has: You’d think that bank executives would be quaking in their Gucci loafers.  But guess who may be even more nervous about the possible data dump?  Regulators in Washington. … Continue reading

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File under "trends I will never understand"

There’s musicians these days who are basically creatures of the internet.  Popular on it, pretty much unknown off. To this one though, I can only shake my head “no”.

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When you're born at the bottom of a well, "falling in" is a foreign concept to you

From a statement of principle by way of contrast, previously posted at Unlike anarchism, which sees no role for the state, liberalism accepted that there were some situations in which the state had a role to play. But liberalism … Continue reading

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Paging Professor Biggums…

Academic humor: The PhD Challenge organization is proud to announce that the winner of the 2010 PhD Challenge contest is Gabriel Parent from Carnegie Mellon University. This year’s challenge was to get a peer-reviewed, academic paper published that contained the … Continue reading

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Criminalizing the middleman

re: the threats of the U.S. government bringing up espionage charges against Wikileaks and its editor: Spying, to the average reasonable person, involves one party under a false cover gaining access to secrets for the benefit of another party, under … Continue reading

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