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Appeal to authority

Nora O’Donnell (pretty much), a moment ago to Dennis Kucinich in reference to his response to this: “50,000 is still too many troops in Iraq?  You’re dissatisfied?  HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE OUR GLORIOUS COMMANDER IN CHIEF, YOU HIPPIE LEFTIST COMMIE … Continue reading

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You may have noticed that on the rare occasion when I do deal with race as a topic, I like to question the definition of “white”.  That isn’t just snark, obviously, but some may be distracted by the humor.  For … Continue reading

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Google has a sense of humor, part deux

Noticed the following on Reason’s website.  Click the thumbnail: Somehow I doubt that’s the optimal audience to aim at for that ad…

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"It is what I say it is, regardless of if it ain't"

Will Wilkinson, again: I think I need to put up a post announcing that anyone who seems to think that the U.S. government is not in fact limited by the Constitution will be summarily ignored. The fact that it does … Continue reading

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"It depends on your definition of 'owned'…"

Semantic Nitpickery We Can Believe In: The Obama administration, which says it doesn’t want to nationalize U.S. banks, may find itself taking another step in that direction if it converts the government’s preferred shares in Citigroup Inc. into common equity … Continue reading

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Was wondering about that…

For once, the Explainer piece on Slate refers to something of serious curiosity: the significance of beheading.  My suspicion had generally bounced between a twist on “the eyes are the window to the soul” (thus, supposedly being able to watch … Continue reading

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More like this please…

Here’s a quote by someone else referring to the “liberaltarian” stuff: What would we do without the so-called conservative “dogmatic aversion to statism”? For starters, we might actually start restraining the power of the central state and breaking up its … Continue reading

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