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Flushing the Sovereign

It’s an impossible thing. Time running backwards, water flowing uphill, cats and dogs mating… Congress passing legislation that an opponent of government even existing can be cool with… Yes, you read that correctly. See, there was a bill in the … Continue reading

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The hit squad flexes its muscles

While quite possibly the silliest campaign season ever rolls along, peppered with such  Serious Questions as whether Donald fucking Trump is a baby-hating puppet of Putin* or if Hillary(‘s staffers) can keep Sanders fans with Twitter disses and tone-deaf cultural … Continue reading

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Argument creep

Due to my philosophical opposition to the entirety of the structure referred to as the US government, I usually don’t keep up with or say much about the latest partisan cockfight between the wings of the party of the ruling … Continue reading

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On "Corrections"

Here in the US, on the level of the states there are departments and agencies that parallel many functions that the federal government carries out. One of those has a name I’ve been thinking about, for many reasons: the Department … Continue reading

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Tired of bleeding

Busier than normal lately, still here. There have been more (and more. and more…) bodies piled up by cops in the US since Ferguson. Feels like there’s a new one every day. Latest life extinguished in police custody being talked … Continue reading

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On Social Deniability

Recently the legislature of Indiana passed a bill known as the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”, which governor Mike Pence has signed. The content of the legislation by the most widely held understanding (by both supporters and its opposition) suggests a … Continue reading

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The Banality of Blue

After the killing of two cops in New York City, which the police loudly blamed to anyone that would listen on the demonstrations threatening to turn into a nationwide movement of sorts against the tendency of cops to assault & … Continue reading

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