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Stop cheering, we lost

Last week the Boston Marathon got bombed, killing 3 people and maiming 170. Allegedly this was done by Tamerlan & Dzokhar Tsarnev. A running battle with the police later, and Tamerlan is dead, while Dzokhar is in custody in a … Continue reading

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Choice, force & guilt

Corey Robin, author, blogger & professor of political science at Brooklyn College, is not a fan of libertarians. At all. However, his exposure to them leans overwhelmingly toward the U.S. mainstream understanding of the term as depicted by the Cato … Continue reading

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"You're cute" — and we're *screwed*

A good rule of thumb to hold with regards to politics: Never underestimate the power of the trivial to overshadow the gravely important. Latest example of the above rule came to us last week, when amidst the ongoing backdrop of … Continue reading

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Doublethink fires a shot. I think.

As the latest round of talk over “gun control” continues due to the most recent well-publicized mass shooting incidents, naturally polls come up asking about it. I’ve heard about a particular outcome of these frequently, the remark that universal background … Continue reading

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