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Government-approved highs are the worst…

Right accusation, wrong drug. Smokes are getting stronger — the legal kind, that is: Even as measures to discourage smoking grew more stringent in recent years, a new report indicates that the nicotine content of cigarettes rose, making it tougher … Continue reading

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“*gasp*…that’s dat squiggly writin dem TERRORISTS write in!!”

Indescribably dumb: An Arab human rights activist was prevented from boarding a plane at Kennedy Airport while wearing a T-shirt that read, “We will not be silent,” in English and Arabic. Raed Jarrar was at the gate to board a … Continue reading

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Re: Bagmen of the State

Brad Spangler, April 2005: Let’s postulate two sorts of robbery scenarios. In one, a lone robber points a gun at you and takes your cash. All libertarians would recognize this as a micro-example of any kind of government at work, … Continue reading

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No escapin’ us…

Anti-war protesters to Bush: “Ok, you wanna mess with our lives?  Fine, we’ll mess with yours!” At every wedding, it seems, something happens not according to plan. Expect the unexpected, planners warn. But how many brides and grooms expect a … Continue reading

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Sometimes a pump is just a pump…

Kinda funny, kinda sad, all stupid: some dude going on a trip to Turkey with his mother packed a penis pump in his luggage.  Security stopped him thinking it looked “suspicious”, and depending on who you believe he either whispered … Continue reading

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Science > Religion

Some scientists in Massachusetts just may have brewed up a hot batch of STFU for the “stem cell research is MURDER!!!” crowd: Massachusetts scientists announced yesterday that they have created the first human embryonic stem cells using a technique that … Continue reading

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Fannie Mae needs to fall on her ass

“Fannie Mae”, that gigantic mortage company with the goofy name, has got off the hook… Fannie Mae, the mortgage finance company, said today it has been informed by the Department of Justice that no charges will be filed in connection … Continue reading

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