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Fake Originalism gets the Gun Clap

Shorter Daniel Koffler: “Scalia is full of shit in a way even deeper & more dangerous than any of us previously realized.” Read the whole thing. Trust me. Advertisements

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Adventures in interpretation: Negroes with Guns edition

Out of curiosity checked out what Kevin Drum had to say about the Heller ruling. He doesn’t really elaborate much on his own view, except to doubt that the threat of confiscation swayed anyone outside of an “extremist fringe” (whatever … Continue reading

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Random example of how my mind works

While reading Radley Balko’s guest column on the Chicago Tribune website (about why Chicago came in dead last on a “freedom in big US cities” index done for Reason Magazine), I noticed in a sidebar of links to other articles … Continue reading

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"Just think how you'll look in your swimsuit by the time you get there!"

So…wanna travel outside of the US this summer, but frustrated about higher prices & crappier service with air travel? Google Maps has the solution for you! Check out turn #15 in the screencap above. Took that in case they realized … Continue reading

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A tale of two reactions

As you know by now, the Supreme Court struck down D.C.’s ridiculous handgun ban & clarified what shouldn’t have needed clarification in the first place. Op-ed columnists are laying fingers to keys all over the place, doin’ their job. Spotted … Continue reading

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Two numbers, and a question

36.  44. Those numbers are, respectively, the percentage of US citizens that when polled said they condoned torture in 2006 & this year. Leaving aside the obvious moral implications of this, especially with regard to American Exceptionalism & our overall … Continue reading

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"What? An arabic TV network formed & funded by the US gov't is failing? You don't say…"

The Suck, it burns…: The Egyptian bureau of al-Hurra, an Arabic-language television network financed by the U.S. government, boasts a spectacular view of the Nile River and the capital’s bustling streets. But inside, all is quiet. The bureau’s satellite link … Continue reading

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