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How do you turn a dictator into a sock puppet?

Apparently like so: Cuba’s Fidel Castro published his first editorial since his July surgery on Thursday, signing his name to a scathing article on U.S. biofuel plans for Thursday’s edition of the Communist Party newspaper Granma. […] In Thursday’s article, … Continue reading

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It’s always the quiet ones…

Not to make light of something as heinous as this, but it does lend yet more fuel to a view about society and our assumptions about people that I’ve held for quite some time: For at least two days, neighbors … Continue reading

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Peddling panic at peddlers

Cunning Realist brings us another example of just how nuts we’ve gone: people on bikes spreading anti-Republican slogans are actually considered worth the NYPD’s time…

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“Gee, how’d that get there?”

Thanks to the latest scandal from La Casa De Bush — the firings of US attorneys for operating as something other than political hack artists — Alberto Gonzalez is pretty much on borrowed time.  An interesting feature of this issue … Continue reading

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Missing the point? Take a toke and think…

John Roberts is the gift that keeps on giving: A high school senior’s 14-foot banner proclaiming “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” gave the Supreme Court a provocative prop for a lively argument Monday about the extent of schools’ control over student … Continue reading

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Bush recycles (bad ideas, that is)

I noticed earlier that the old garbage about a missile shield is coming up again, this time w/ us deploying one for Europe to protect against…Iran. Simple question: why? You see, people tend to do things for a reason.  Firing … Continue reading

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The slow, agonizing, state-sanctioned murder of Angel Raich

Shorter 9th Circuit Court of Appeals: “We’d rather you die than smoke a joint” …

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