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Now I’ve heard EVERYTHING!

During an attempted home invasion robbery, someone shot Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor.  He died the other day from his wounds.  Watching NFL Live, a moment ago ESPN’s NFL analyst John Clayton took this as a cue to talk about … Continue reading

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Not feeling all that politicky today

I want this shirt.  Really I do. Also, if you ever see a pack of this at your local liquor store (not gas station, LIQUOR store), get it.  ‘Tis friggin wonderful.

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An unexpected discussion…

In response to my comment here, concerning support for Ron Paul by white supremacists, one responded with a post exclaiming “Make no mistake, racism is VERY libertarian!“.  Ugh… Eh, I’m bored & this seems amusing, so I’ll bite.  Taking it … Continue reading

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At least he’s honest

Shorter Mike Huckabee: “The 9th & 10th Amendments make Jesus cry, so away with them”: Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee rejects letting states decide whether to allow abortions, claiming the right to life is a moral issue not subject to … Continue reading

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…I called it?

A recent post on the ridiculous response to a poll on torture had the title “Is reading comprehension in the U.S. REALLY that bad?“.  Now, according to this article, if it isn’t then it’s going to be very soon: Americans … Continue reading

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How to deliberately abuse the Labor Theory of Value

Ok, say the subject at hand is oil… One can argue that there’s no value in it until it is discovered, brought up from the ground, and converted for human use. Thus, the value of it came from the labor … Continue reading

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Stupid talk show question

Why do shows like Late Edition, Meet the Press & the like, after statements from recently retired or resigned military personnel — which tend to be skeptical of the war in Iraq — invite on current military personnel, who are … Continue reading

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