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Juicing the banks

Matt Yglesias, in reflecting on the Capital Paradox, specifically the resulting bank bailouts, compares to how a smaller regional bank he actually was a patron of was prosecuted for among other things money laundering for dictators & apparently sees a … Continue reading

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The Ownership vs Society

Colorado, wising up at least somewhat to the concept of individual liberty (as well as science), legalized possession of small amounts of marijuana. Not just for medical use either. Good call. Unfortunately, there are city governments within Colorado that appear … Continue reading

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Blacksploitation of another shade

Yesterday was the day that in the U.S. means the recognition of this man: Along with his obvious contribution on racial justice though, he also had plenty to say about poverty, as well as militarism (he was against both, natch’). … Continue reading

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"We're bombs, and we're here to help"

Recently observed rule: any argument over foreign policy in terms of western/U.S. military intervention will eventually result in the following: 1) Claim that opposition to such is rooted in some form of bigotry, of tribal indifference. Basically, it is taken … Continue reading

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Bagman vs Triggerman

A.I.G., post Capital Paradox, is feeling thankful, starting a new ad campaign thanking the U.S. for the billions in assistance it got at gunpoint to bail them out from the consequences of highly stupid financial decisions. You may have seen … Continue reading

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There Will Be Complications

In my usual scans of news, found the following story today: A guy answers a Craigslist ad from a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor so they can have a kid. He comes through with the sperm, makes the … Continue reading

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