Anarcho-splainin’ the election

In a guest post, I posed some questions over at Ordinary Times toward participants in tomorrow’s ceremonial pretending-like-you-matter event. Particularly, I’m testing of the more alarmed among them what they plan to do beyond voting, and whether there’s any point at which radical measures would be accepted to them (in the context of a hypothetical win by the guy that’s been called Literally Hitler).

Comments are going briskly. Check it out if you’d like.


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One Response to Anarcho-splainin’ the election

  1. b-psycho says:

    Since this went up, the Literally Hitler has actually Literally Won. And since then there’s been a wave among the heads of the party opposing Literally Hitler of Maybe He’s Not Hitler At All…

    Nah. Y’all clearly value stability at all costs over any semblance of justice. The order is the chaos tho, so two words: Fuck. You.

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