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Area Man in need

This is a bad time. A very bad time. The apartment complex I currently live at has decided not to renew my lease. As a result, I have until the end of April to find somewhere else to live, and … Continue reading

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On Social Deniability

Recently the legislature of Indiana passed a bill known as the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”, which governor Mike Pence has signed. The content of the legislation by the most widely held understanding (by both supporters and its opposition) suggests a … Continue reading

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Drunken definition thoughts

Political philosophy tests are not only flawed in the sense that they assume everyone can be pigeonholed into a concrete set of views that they MUST hold because of the answers to some questions regardless of their logic behind their … Continue reading

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Defending Chris. Kind of. Somewhat.

When it comes to comedy & social context, there’s basically three approaches: -Try to write it out as irrelevant, which limits your range of content. -Pretend it’s already irrelevant, which limits the effectiveness of your content. -Grab it by the … Continue reading

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Reality Intrudes

Demos writer Matt Bruenig and Cato Unbound editor Jason Kuznicki have been rhetorically at each others throats for a long time. Between blogging & comments and even Twitter it has long been clear those two think very lowly of each … Continue reading

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Not Obliged

In this month’s edition of Cato Unbound is a discussion on concepts of citizenship & obligations, kicked off with the plainly absurd attempt by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry to make a “libertarian” case for national military service a.k.a. conscription. The immediate counter … Continue reading

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Choice, force & guilt

Corey Robin, author, blogger & professor of political science at Brooklyn College, is not a fan of libertarians. At all. However, his exposure to them leans overwhelmingly toward the U.S. mainstream understanding of the term as depicted by the Cato … Continue reading

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