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This is me not being surprised

Hello Mister Precedent: In a significant new blow to al-Qaeda, U.S. air strikes in Yemen on Sept. 30 killed Anwar al-Awlaki, an American militant cleric who became a prominent figure in the terrorist network’s most dangerous branch, using his fluent … Continue reading

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A new low

No, not the stock “market”.  Rather, the capacity of people to realize that satire is satire: Satirical news publication The Onion broke the news on Twitter about an hour ago of a hostage situation involving Congress, but the story is … Continue reading

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Gallup did a poll about wasteful spending, and ended their writeup on the results with this: Over the last 30 years, Americans have become increasingly likely to see all levels of government as wasting the money they spend, and now … Continue reading

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Sometimes the house loses

In my usual surfing, passed across this, a Forbes post about one of those online poker sites that answered why I hadn’t seen commercials for those on the tube lately* — in short, a big-ass fraud charge.  Among the details … Continue reading

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Stuff Happens

-I see Occupy Wall Street is on today.  Well, “on” in the sense of it happening, not “on” in the sense of any of the 24-hour MSM channels breaking their usual coverage.  It took 3 hours for ABC to even … Continue reading

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"Structure? What structure?"

Shorter Matt Yglesias re: health care: “Considering why it’s so expensive in the context of a scenario hinging on ability to pay is equivalent to skipping the question entirely” By this logic, bringing up in response to a comment about … Continue reading

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The string that holds the yo-yo

Familiar pattern in the stock “market” these days.  Take a hit off the central bank pipe & get all amped up, then crash, slumping along until that next fat rock comes.  Well, this time rather than just the neighborhood dope … Continue reading

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