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Summing up Operation Zero Sum

Encouraged to submit a post for League of Ordinary Gentlemen’s Inequality Symposium, I figured I’d describe for an unfamiliar audience some of the themes I’ve touched on here about how capitalism as we know it has jack squat to do … Continue reading

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Back to normal

As I stated on Facebook there was a hosting and domain issue, and if you’re reading this it has been resolved.  The previous theme isn’t up yet, but I’m considering something new here: what kind of theme do you in … Continue reading

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Talk amongst yourselves

Just a heads up: between tomorrow & next Sunday, barring an alien invasion there will be radio silence here.  Feel free to discuss in comments whatever you choose in the meantime.

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Technological advances in Spam-a-lot

To anyone else out there also blogging with comments: is it just me, or have spambots been getting more sophisticated lately?  I’ve been getting posts with entire long paragraphs, some even superficially related to the subject (I know they’re spam … Continue reading

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Stuff would still be nice

In case anyone wonders about the wish list button to the right, in light of Amazon kicking Wikileaks off their cloud servers: -I’m broke as hell anyway, so they’re at no loss if I don’t buy something. -The only other … Continue reading

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Been deflating a bit.  No worry. To start off with, here’s something silly (or at least, something that should be seen as silly): I found this funny, lighten up y’all.  Besides, fried chicken hits the spot, regardless of what race … Continue reading

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Last nerve

I don’t just link to people I agree with on everything, as you may know.  But I do keep it to people who, if I would disagree, I could see myself having a reasonable discussion about it. The moment I … Continue reading

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