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Just a thought or two: Lately I’ve been thinking about those occasional poll results that show up (for example) saying, contrary to their public image, that even a majority of Republicans think the finance sector and big business have too … Continue reading

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In Steve's Time Machine, nobody rides clean

With how much dread is still pulsating through the domestic economy with regards to unemployment, the timing couldn’t be better for lengthy analysis articles asking questions about it.  The NY Times contributes the latest entry, a consideration of why the … Continue reading

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Premature Legislation

Found this amusing: Actors in adult movies filmed in America’s pornography capital would be required to use condoms under an ordinance granted final approval Tuesday by the Los Angeles City Council. The measure, adopted 9-1, next goes to the mayor … Continue reading

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American liberalism is operationally conservative

There’s a saying among some mainstream liberals that Americans tend to claim conservatism while being “operationally liberal”, which they apparently define as being in favor of tax-funded benefits.  Kevin Drum touched on this by name recently during a post about … Continue reading

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"Say 'inevitable' in the mirror 5 times and he appears"

Another GOP primary season thought, prompted primarily by the ideological self-identification of Romney voters not having a particular concentration so far: For several months, media “analysis” of the field has repeatedly and relentlessly rested on “well, they’re going to have … Continue reading

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Spreading it thin

Coming up so close behind Romney in Iowa he could smell his sweat has former senator Santorum feeling rather cocky and full of himself.  As a result, his initial penetration into New Hampshire, seeking to fill the gap in the … Continue reading

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The "Cuz I Said So" theory of global relations

Kevin Drum recently added a new tack to the intra-mainstream-liberal argument over Ron Paul, going beyond talking about anti-interventionism with a “yeah, but…” and mentioning the newsletters and their obvious disagreements with much other views of Paul’s, and towards asserting … Continue reading

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