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A very special public service announcement

This is cool. That’s all. Advertisements

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"F$#^ you! Tell me somethin' new!!"

CNN in the background.  Notice within earshot they intro a story about the weather in Fargo w/ a shot of iced-over trees, with the song “Cold as Ice” playing over it.  The M.O.P. version.  Seriously. Ed Henry (correction) Tony Curtis … Continue reading

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Fails on Wheels

Apparently the latest round of begging by GM & Chrysler got the same result as the Sooners’ 3-point shooting the other day.  As a result, GM’s boss is out & Chrysler is merging with Fiat.  I’m not in the most … Continue reading

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I'll blaze to that…

Shorter John Schwenkler: “STFU w/ the royalist case for marijuana legalization, you’re makin us look bad!” I know The Mighty Tax Revenue case on its face seems cynical enough to sway people, but it’s a total dodge of the principled … Continue reading

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Hush money for dinosaurs

File this one under “news that belongs in The Onion”.  All emphasis mine: With many U.S. newspapers struggling to survive, a Democratic senator on Tuesday introduced a bill to help them by allowing newspaper companies to restructure as nonprofits with … Continue reading

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Full of that DRO…

Mike G recently had an IM discussion about the dangers of the State & what an alternative may look like, and posted the transcript on his site.  Read the whole thing. My thoughts: the concept of free-market dispute resolution taking … Continue reading

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No wonder they advertize Shamwow on Spike…

Thought of mine during a UFC fight: “That floor in the octagon must be really absorbent for them to be able to fight on it even with the blood stains from the last match.  Eh, makes sense, since it ain’t … Continue reading

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