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Mars demands sacrifice!

Earlier today at a news conference in Brussels, Barack Obama lamented the “diminished” military budgets of other members of NATO, invoking the situation in Ukraine as reminder that “freedom is not free”. This turn of phrase, typically used for domestic … Continue reading

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Compound Stupidity

So I hear next week the health care “reform” law is going back before the Supreme Court. This time it’s due to claims of religious exemption by employers — Hobby Lobby being the largest party to this — to a … Continue reading

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Culture as Straitjacket

Ruth Marcus, opinion columnist for the Washington Post, has heard about Belle Knox, the Duke student that took up a career in pornography to pay her way through college. Upon doing so, she promptly wrote a scathing piece about the … Continue reading

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The state as Ouroboros?

The CIA does, and has done, many things: manipulate foreign governments, overthrow regimes the rulers of the U.S. don’t like, kidnap people, torture people & assassinate people. You know, the usual. It also spies on the US congress, a prospect … Continue reading

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