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Area Man in need

This is a bad time. A very bad time. The apartment complex I currently live at has decided not to renew my lease. As a result, I have until the end of April to find somewhere else to live, and … Continue reading

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The Wilhelm Scream of Hate

The hits are coming hard & fast with President Cheeto, from already having his first drone strike on Yemen, to unilaterally making orders for That Damn Wall, to approving pipeline construction by a company he may actually have a direct … Continue reading

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The Falsehood that Ate the Earth

(Sharing and extending thoughts I had in reply to CK MacLeod re: the “argument between “America First” and the status quo in the US) There is an emerging discussion since Donald fucking Trump won the presidency about expected changes to … Continue reading

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Anarcho-splainin’ the election

In a guest post, I posed some questions over at Ordinary Times toward participants in tomorrow’s ceremonial pretending-like-you-matter event. Particularly, I’m testing of the more alarmed among them what they plan to do beyond voting, and whether there’s any point … Continue reading

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Flushing the Sovereign

It’s an impossible thing. Time running backwards, water flowing uphill, cats and dogs mating… Congress passing legislation that an opponent of government even existing can be cool with… Yes, you read that correctly. See, there was a bill in the … Continue reading

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Political Footballs

Prompted by 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s demonstrations during the national anthem at games, and the subsequent screaming about it, plus the joining in of other players, I had a hypothetical pop up about it (well, more than one in a … Continue reading

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The hit squad flexes its muscles

While quite possibly the silliest campaign season ever rolls along, peppered with such  Serious Questions as whether Donald fucking Trump is a baby-hating puppet of Putin* or if Hillary(‘s staffers) can keep Sanders fans with Twitter disses and tone-deaf cultural … Continue reading

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