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Room for improvement

Today started at the Supreme Court arguments over same-sex marriage, particularly California banning it via Prop 8 and whether they, um, can’t do that. Tomorrow the ridiculously named “Defense of Marriage” Act, which banned federal recognition of same-sex marriages when … Continue reading

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…and the world came crashing down.

A lot of things are said within the United Nations. Most don’t really go anywhere, so it’s more symbolic than anything else. Still, some symbolic gestures cause more screaming than others. Consider the reaction of Egypt’s current ruling party to … Continue reading

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It's a start…

I never thought too highly of Rand Paul. Let’s get that out of the way right now. I even incorrectly at the time of his campaign predicted the other guy would win, due to his opponent being the better liar … Continue reading

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The problem of "almost"

The discussion of the month over at Cato Unbound revolves around Michael Huemer & his book “The Problem of Political Authority”. On the introduction page, he’s described as a philosophical anarchist. However, in reading his lead essay for the conversation … Continue reading

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