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Productivity update

Final beat of 2011. I’m in a stupid moving asses mood at the moment, so that’s what this one is intended for, no more no less. This took maybe 15 minutes, tops. Advertisements

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Semi-random parting thought

With as much as the Republican primaries have been discussed as chaos, with front-runners bubbling up and flaming out right away to be overtaken by someone else who does the same thing, I have a modest proposal for whenever any … Continue reading

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Point and Click Empire

Is it possible for a newspaper article to be one long Kinsley Gaffe? Reason I ask that question is that the Washington Post put up a lengthy story recently about the reach and operation of drones under Obama, filled with … Continue reading

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Why I'm not a goldbug

Via ZeroHedge, Phillip Bagus talks about the problems with the Euro — and by extension all state-operated currency — and ways to approach it.  Among those is effectively to ditch the euro entirely (which in itself makes sense: establishing a … Continue reading

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Some present…

Scanning the headlines, spot the following — “Web gambling gets boost from Obama administration“.  Look at the actual article and see an explanation: A Justice Department opinion dated September and made public on Friday reversed decades of previous policy that … Continue reading

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The Bradley (Non)-Effect

Other events have pushed this off the front pages lately, but it speaks volumes that after all that time of alarm over Brad Manning and Wikileaks, with shrieks of horror over the grave damage given to national security, even in … Continue reading

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Revolt Insurance: Ur doin it wrong

A long time pet peeve of mine has been the coverage of the economy by the mainstream media. Listening to them pontificate, you would assume that other than the state-backed-to-the-hilt Wall Street and the vaguely defined “middle-class”, no one else … Continue reading

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