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Stimulus…of egos

Roughly overheard moments ago on CNN: Bush, re: the “stimulus package”: “This bill shouldn’t be held up, it’s important.  The sooner people get their check, the faster the stimulus can work”. The unspoken assumptions in this are so big they … Continue reading

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Another semi-random thought

If there’s no expectation of privacy in a public bathroom, then why are there locks on the doors?  Hell, why do the stalls even have doors at all? Yeah, I’m kinda late with this, but it’s been grating at me … Continue reading

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Semi-random thought

How many people do you have to have murdered before no one misses you upon death?

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Don’t like to say “told you so”, but…

I did. Me, last April, re: the Fred Thompson hype: I hate it when people cite polls about non-candidates as if it’s indication they’d win if they did run.  See, the speculators in the media don’t realize that people who … Continue reading

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“JihadTube” debate next?

Found this amusing: Sympathizers submitted hundreds of questions to al-Qaida deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri’s “on-line interview” before a recent deadline. Among them: Why hasn’t al-Qaida attacked the U.S. again, why isn’t it attacking the Israelis and when will it be … Continue reading

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Imagine Rothbard standing on his head

“If you wish to know how libertarians regard the State and any of its acts, simply think of the State as a criminal band.” -Murray Rothbard Shorter Sudhir Venkatesh: “…and vice versa, for that matter.” The link above is to … Continue reading

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Apparently even the FBI can’t keep up with their bills: Telephone companies have cut off FBI wiretaps used to eavesdrop on suspected criminals because of the bureau’s repeated failures to pay phone bills on time. A Justice Department audit released … Continue reading

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