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E Pluribus Absurdum

The Trillion Dollar Coin gambit has hit the big time, appearing in the leading paper of that company town known as D.C.: […] Obama could always just solve the crisis with a pair of magical platinum coins. Sure, that sounds … Continue reading

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Something I’ve noticed being linked lately: a revelation that the flavor of orange juice doesn’t actually come from the orange juice. Once the juice is squeezed and stored in gigantic vats, they start removing oxygen. Why? Because removing oxygen from … Continue reading

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The Owners

Earlier today, in reference to the ongoing futile scramble to delay default, Josh Marshall said the following: The centrality of debt holders in our constitutional order isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. Indeed, the national debt — created through the … Continue reading

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Comprehension skills. You lack them.

McClatchy has up on their site a column about a Zogby International poll showing people in the Middle East have a low opinion of the U.S.  That isn’t a surprise, and I assume the assumption made in the article title … Continue reading

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I learned something today

Did a new review on BeerAdvocate, and perused the categories afterwards, coming to find out this: yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus brewery in a Muslim country.  And they make a malt liquor too. No particular reason for this.  … Continue reading

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Rated F for Failure

Those credit ratings agencies being talked about in the news now?  Those ones talking about downgrading the credit rating of the U.S. government?  They’re the same ones that were routinely rating piles of mortgage garbage as legit investments, which later … Continue reading

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Sign Proofreader wanted

Article about attempts by the Jefferson City Council to restrict adult businesses here.  The picture accompanying it, of a couple of bible thumpers protesting a shop that sells sex toys, is rather curious… Wait a minute, if porn isn’t hot, … Continue reading

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