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Half-Truths in the schoolyard

It seems like there always has to be some issue For The Children to inevitably lead to more idiotic Zero Tolerance rules and further regimentation of lives, and this time it is bullying. Shows are discussing it, a movie is … Continue reading

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A state confesses. Almost.

An interesting new law was passed and signed the other day in Indiana: Gov. Mitch Daniels has signed a law explicitly authorizing Hoosiers to physically resist police if officers are breaking the law. Senate Enrolled Act 1, approved by the Republican … Continue reading

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Suspicion. Paranoia. Murder.

I figured more information would come out about the death in Florida of Trayvon Martin, shot by a self-assumed neighborhood watchman on the way to his dad’s house, and it has. This just gets more infuriating by the second: The … Continue reading

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Confusing Escape with Delete

A poll was released earlier today showing how mainstream calls for withdrawal from Afghanistan  has gotten: Sixty percent of Americans say the war in Afghanistan has not been not worth fighting and just 30 percent believe the Afghan public supports … Continue reading

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Making an ideological omelette

For those who haven’t been paying attention to the Cato/Koch brothers conflict, a primer: The Cato Institute, despite its reformist bent, previously employed Radley Balko, publishes papers against the War on Drugs and police militarization, and at the moment has … Continue reading

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The last pottery barn

So, I see talk of intervening in Syria has been bubbling up.  The possibility is actually significant enough now that denials are having to be made from the Obama administration with regards to arming Syrian rebels: Secretary of State Hillary … Continue reading

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