The last pottery barn

So, I see talk of intervening in Syria has been bubbling up.  The possibility is actually significant enough now that denials are having to be made from the Obama administration with regards to arming Syrian rebels:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday warned against the United States arming rebels in Syria because such a move could inadvertently lead to support for Al-Qaeda and Hamas.

Senior leaders of both groups — which Washington classify as terrorist organizations — have expressed their support for the loose-knit collection of Syrian rebels who have taken up arms against the regime of embattled President Bashar al-Assad.

This made me wonder about the previous nation whose rebellion the U.S. joined. That is, Libya.

Atmosphere in Tripoli Libya on August 25, 2011

There already were reports near the tail end of the war of sub-Saharan Africans present in Libya being executed due to some having been used as mercenaries by Qadaffi & his regime, and a recent report by the U.N. stated that war crimes were committed on all sides.  Since then what has gone on?  Turns out human rights violations are still ongoing, particularly torture and the sacking of towns suspected of supporting the old regime.  A video has even emerged purporting to show treatment of blacks detained:

Three-quarters of those detained during the war are still being held, by the way.

Also, it sounds like the split of the country I mentioned as possible back when the fighting was still going on is still possible even after they won.

Now look back at Syria, and think hard: wanna own another one?


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1 Response to The last pottery barn

  1. Brian M says:

    Lot of money involved in the ownership of war. I think they are slavering at the bit.

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