Confusing Escape with Delete

A poll was released earlier today showing how mainstream calls for withdrawal from Afghanistan  has gotten:

Sixty percent of Americans say the war in Afghanistan has not been not worth fighting and just 30 percent believe the Afghan public supports the U.S. mission there — marking the sour state of attitudes on the war even before the shooting rampage allegedly by a U.S. soldier this weekend.

Indeed a majority in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, 54 percent, say the United States should withdraw its forces from Afghanistan without completing its current effort to train Afghan forces to become self-sufficient.

The survey was completed Saturday. Early Sunday a U.S. service member allegedly left his base in Kandahar and shot and killed more than a dozen civilians in two nearby villages, an incident certain to raise tensions already inflamed by the U.S. military’s inadvertent burning of Muslim holy books at Bagram Air Base last month. That incident sparked violent protests, including a series of incidents in which Afghan soldiers have turned their guns on U.S. forces.

The view that Afghans don’t support the “mission” — whatever the hell it is now that the reason for going in the first place is dispersed and their leader is dead — is so well-founded that I have concern for the mental health of the 30% that said otherwise.

Alas, I speak too soon…

The first comment on the post mentioning this poll result starts off with what seems like a benign co-sign on the lack of worth of the war — and then steers right off a cliff:

The most recent estimate of the population of Afghanistan was about 30 million.  In a comment saying the war wasn’t worth fighting, an “alternative” is floated of firing nuclear weapons of a strength and amount sufficient to kill 24,000,000 people, the obvious overwhelming majority of whom would be CIVILIANS.  Why such a huge response (right next door to a majority-Muslim country that has nuclear weapons of its own, keep in mind)?  Because the people of Afghanistan — not al-qaeda, not the Taliban, but the entirety of the Afghan population — do not satisfy his standard of productivity.

You call it a “deterrent”, I call it nuclear genocide. I cringe to think how many included as finding the war pointless hold this contradictory view…


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2 Responses to Confusing Escape with Delete

  1. Joe says:

    I suspect that the “nuke ’em” position isn’t that uncommon among the right-leaning, flag-worshipping crowd. I recall hearing people say things like “We oughtta turn that place into a sandbox” about Iraq, back when things were just beginning to turn to shit there. Imagine, you invade a country and the people actually have the gall to resent you for it. The ingrates! Kill ’em all.

  2. B Psycho says:

    Depth of imagination seems to be a lost trait except as applied to methods of killing. That those type of people never think about all the shit that the residents would do if, say, China invaded Texas, says as much.

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