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The tubes, they are unkind…

Shorter Michael Gerson, w/r/t Dave Weigel’s Journolist remarks: “Snark…anger…PROFANITY!!  WHAT HATH WE WROUGHT!?!?” Whoever transcribed this post from Gerson’s fine quill pen scribbings on tanned yak hide to that shiny spirit box with the blinking lights on his desk he’s … Continue reading

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No particular reason

It’s been too damn hot to think about much lately.  Did spot something I had a bit to say about: That chick that’s supposedly a Russian spy…does she remind anyone else of Erica Campbell* in that first pic? (* – … Continue reading

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Shake 'em up, shake 'em down

Since the whole thing with BP & the $20 billion escrow is turning out to be a bigger issue than expected, I have this to say about it: While for obvious reason I don’t buy into the whole narrative of … Continue reading

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This is not the first time this question has been asked, nor will it be the last: With the fixation on shrinking the budget deficit, why is over $700 billion in annual defense spending almost always off-limits for discussion? No … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces

Things happen: -Rand Paul…um, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say he’s deliberately throwing that race.  What’s next, plans to kick puppies in public? -If you were wondering if I thought an alleged drug kingpin with the name Coke … Continue reading

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Gas Drawers

Glenn Greenwald goes at length here about the ongoing saga of Bradley Manning — the alleged provider of the Collateral Murder video — and the U.S. government’s efforts to smash Wikileaks.  Among the peculiarities he notes in the story thus … Continue reading

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Still. Don't. Get. It.

Me, in reference to the morphing of celebration on the part of Lakers fans into rioting last year around this time: Is it a modern day, westernized derivative of the war dance, something biologically handed down that just now looks … Continue reading

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