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“‘No’?!? Whaddayamean ‘No?!?!?”

Shorter Supreme Court: “Y’know, B, that military tribunal thing doesn’t sound right to us either”… The Supreme Court today delivered a stunning rebuke to the Bush administration over its plans to try Guantanamo detainees before military commissions, ruling that the … Continue reading

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That’s sorta the point, Dick…

During a column on Joe Lieberman & his impending eviction from the Senate, Dick Morris (unintentionally) gets to the main reason him losing would be a good thing for not just Dems but everybody: …in an August Democratic primary, with … Continue reading

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SCOTUS mission creep

If Yogi Berra made comments on serious matters, he’d probably say to this “when you politicize everything, everything is politics”: The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear a case that will determine whether the Bush administration must regulate greenhouse gases, … Continue reading

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From elsewhere

–Jim Henley suspects that the group of hardened islamic jihadis “Moorish” goofballs caught in Miami really just wanted all that weaponry & equipment so they could sell it, trying to pull a fast one on that al-qaeda operative federal informant. … Continue reading

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H-1B.S. (or “a GOOD time for a system crash”)

Yes, professional nerds have an interest group. Here‘s what they’re up to at the moment: The Programmers Guild, a group representing IT workers, has begun filing what will amount to about 380 legal complaints against U.S. companies advertising that they … Continue reading

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With skeptics like this, who needs sychophants?

With the TV on as background noise while cooking dinner, I overheard some of CNN’s coverage of the Monty-Pythonesque inept suspected terrorists being caught in Miami. Being too busy with watching a skillet full of chicken wings to change the … Continue reading

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Brutality never takes a vacation

Shorter Radley Balko: “Yeeesh, imagine if these cops were on duty…” *cues up some NWA*

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