Area Man in need

This is a bad time. A very bad time. The apartment complex I currently live at has decided not to renew my lease.

As a result, I have until the end of April to find somewhere else to live, and I can’t afford to pay both 1st months rent at a new place AND their deposit (especially if it’s equal to another month’s rent). Family will help me actually move my stuff, but they will NOT help on affording to move, and I can’t borrow due to a debt that I’m already paying on, so I have no choice but to reach out further.

If you can help, either click the Cash.Me button on the sidebar, or paypal me (longbongsilver -at- Share widely — my life depends on it.

BTW: rents in town for a 1 bedroom range between $350 – $500

Edit: I’ve also added by request a Bitcoin address: 19rjUGRtqZN83quL95qQVwtpugGs2s4pqw


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4 Responses to Area Man in need

  1. Name (required) says:

    Please post a Bitcoin address

  2. b-psycho says:

    Sure thing! Here’s the Bitcoin address: 19rjUGRtqZN83quL95qQVwtpugGs2s4pqw

  3. Anon says:

    Are the Bitcoin notifications getting through to your inbox?

  4. b-psycho says:

    No idea why this isn’t letting me directly reply to the comment, but…

    Anon: I did get a notification for Bitcoin. Thank you to whoever sent it. You may have noticed I haven’t updated in awhile, this is for a reason: my mental state has since the most recent post deteriorated such that I’m unsure of my capabilities to do further longform blogging (I feel like I’m repeating myself, and also dwelling on how extremely fucked up this world is for an extended time is prompting more cringe-quits than it used to), and I have also lost my job and have exhausted my unemployment benefits before anyone bit on hiring me elsewhere, so I am in rather dire situation again due to bills piling up while my ability to obtain the necessary slaveowner trading cards to cover them has lapsed.

    It’s unfortunately a Now More Than Ever situation. Perhaps in the near future with a regaining of stability plus improvement on my mental state (I’ve since been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder) I can return to regular writing, but at the moment I have as my primary concern keeping a roof over my head.

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