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I would boycott, but I already don't watch it

The other day, the audience at Glenn Greenwald’s blog expressed their outrage over the relative silence of the TV newsfolks at their “independent” military analysts being revealed as puppets, specifically NBC News’ Brian Williams. Williams’ response: “Meh.  I don’t see … Continue reading

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More proof that glasses just make you LOOK smart

George Will, in the process of trying to argue that Jeremiah Wright is somehow, and in fact ever was, relevant to the presidential election, says the following: In yesterday’s speech at the National Press Club, Wright repeated — decorously, by … Continue reading

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The Constitutional Law version of "a sphincter says what?"

For some reason, inbetween basketball games today, at one point I watched 60 minutes. Maybe I got whiff of second hand crack smoke or something, who knows. Anyway, they were interviewing Scalia about various topics — “originalism” (for the most … Continue reading

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Something I need to try just once

Bacon-wrapped grilled hot dog? Yes please! Gimme a side of nachos an’ a cold stout an’ I’m good.  Food blogs are the shiznit… Political angle: why the hell are these illegal in Los Angeles?

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Is it too early for nostalgia?

Man… the old school hiphop: Y’know, for as much as people gripe about rap videos today being nothing but ass-shaking and materialism, that video had more ass in it than I remembered. Thanks to that period of my life, my … Continue reading

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"Don't shoot me!" said the barreled fish

Florida wants to offer devout Christian drivers a distinctive…mark: Florida drivers can order more than 100 specialty license plates celebrating everything from manatees to the Miami Heat, but one now under consideration would be the first in the nation to … Continue reading

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There's that bitterly divided Supreme Court again…

Just today, nine of them declared evidence discovered during searches that state law says are illegal is admissible in court.  What’s that?  There’s only nine justices?  Ouch…: The Supreme Court affirmed Wednesday that police have the power to conduct searches … Continue reading

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